Navigating by yourself the myriad of judicial council forms associated with your issue is just the beginning. You must also be informed of the California Rules of Court (CRC) as well as the statutes (Codes of Civil Procedure) related to your issue (s). This takes time, knowledge and patience. By offering form and file assistance, we are the perfect fit for those who neither wish to file the necessary documents themselves or outlay the high costs commonly associated when retaining an attorney. 

We cannot give you legal advice or be your lawyer. We can give you legal information and forms, explain the court process, and provide referrals to local resources.

Family Law

Dissolution, legal separation, nullity
Petition to establish parentage
Custody and visitation
Child support (including DCSS cases, help with wage assignments and driver license suspension)
Spousal support
Objection to mediation or evaluation
Joinder (with exceptions)


Family Law
Eviction Notices: 3-day to Pay or Quit, 30, 60 and 90 day
Residential Eviction Cases (except Section 8): Complaints, Answers, Default/Default Judgement
Set Asides, Stay of Eviction

Probate Cases

Guardianship of the Person only
Terminate/Object to Guardianship
Petition for Visitation in a Guardianship case
General Conservatorship of the Person only
Object to Conservatorship
Name and/or Gender Change – Adult or Minor
Establish Fact of Birth, Death or Marriage

ABA Certified Paralegal
California Business & Professions Code BPC Section 6450