I was born and raised in California and have called the Bay Area home for over thirty years. Upon graduation from Fresno State with a degree in Languages, I lived in Madrid, Spain for three years to both “see the world” and immerse myself fully in the language and culture. As a result, I am fluent in Spanish – verbal and written.

When my travels ended, I founded a commercial maintenance firm in Oakland whose purpose was to provide revenue generating income to small, minority-held individuals. I am proud of the successful men and women I helped to achieve their dreams of owning and growing their own businesses.

In my business and development roles, I worked for commercial construction and facility firms. Visa, Silicon Graphics, The City of Vallejo, Penumbra and ServiceNow numbered as just a few of my clients.

As I progressed in my career, the size of projects I undertook grew in size. As a result, my ability to understand, edit and generate contracts gained in importance. I never imagined that taking legal classes in my spare time would translate into a wholesale change in my career – but it did.

As a certified paralegal, I am now able to leverage my past experiences with my present capabilities to attorneys, companies and the general public. 

When I’m not helping others navigate the complexities of their legal issues, I usually have an acoustic or bass guitar in my hands or I’m mountain biking throughout this wonderful area where I live. 

Patrick Yanes, Founder Atomic Forms
Campbell, California 2021

ABA Certified Paralegal
California Business & Professions Code Section 6450